Who Am I?

Mr.  Thomas  Esparza
Behavioral Specialist 6-8
210-989-2400       Email

Subjects Taught
Accomodated Courses


Floresville High School

University of Texas-San Antonio


I have been teaching for the past 3 years with my entire teaching career being at Leal Middle School.  I have worked in various industries before teaching, but have always been in an educational setting.  At Allstate, I worked behind the scenes educating various agents, frontline employees, and management about the ever changing insurance world.  Before Allstate, I helped a friend build a road construction company that now has revenue in the millions.  I have been Blessed and very fortunate for the opportunities that I have been presented with.


I grew up in the then small town of Floresville, TX with the enormous help of the two best parents a child could have.  I was raised in the country and still possess the old fashioned values and morals that my parents and grandparents handed down to me.  If you need to find me, I would suggest checking the beach (fishing), the gym (working out), or at home with my beautiful wife and child.  My wife and best friend, Jessica is also a teacher and has helped me learn that the most important people in life are God, my wife and child, family, friends, and the occasional stranger who steps out of his/her way to help you.

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