Wendy Maron

Ms. Wendy Maron
Business Education
 6th Grade Data Systems
8th Grade Exploring Careers 


I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a Minor in Human Resource Management from AIU, Chicago IL. 


I have 10 years of experience in teaching Business Education/Technology and I am looking forward to an awesome year.

My professional perspective: I have a passion for children and education and I believe in classroom conditions that best facilitate student learning. This would consist of a classroom environment that is respectful and represents equality and excellence and would be described as a student centered classroom. Students are encouraged to ask questions, share, interact, and work together; which allows them to be responsible and have a vested interest in their learning. Together as a class, we set clear expectations by establishing rules and procedures; which increases learning and promotes a safe, organized and productive classroom.

I utilize a variety of teaching strategies, methods, and activities to address different learning levels and styles; which promotes equality, diversity, and independent learning. Students take pride in their own accomplishments which increases their interest in learning and motivates them to learn. All students take an active role in learning through differentiated instruction that provides various avenues for meeting their individual needs; which also promotes a cooperative learning environment that encourages group interactions and individual accountability; which also allows for social interaction and support.


My family: is originally from West Texas (Big Spring) and we moved to San Antonio in 1976. I have two boys, one who is attending his third year at Trinity University, and the other who is a senior in High School. I also have 2  Russian Siberian cats, named Vikenti and Sputnik.

My hobbies: I enjoy drawing, painting, reading, gardening, biking, hiking, and exploring. I love traveling, especially road trips as they can lead to an additional adventure; I have been known to go digging for treasures. I have a passion for antiques and their history; and the many stories and secrets they may hold.

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