Syllabus 2014 - 2015  

Class Responsibilities


As a Leal student you are expected to be:

  • Prompt- Be in your seat before the bell rings
  • Positive- Always enter the room with pride—expect to learn something new
  • Prepared- Come to class with your homework and all materials needed for class
  • Polite- Respect the rights of others to learn. You should remain in your seat and listen while teaching and learning are in progress.
  • Productive- Be an active participant and always strive to get the most out of your education.


*All cell phones should be turned off and kept inside your backpack at all times.


Consequences: I will follow the student handbook.


Restroom Breaks


  • You will be allowed three hall passes each 6 week period.
  • If at the end of the 6 week period you have unused passes, you will receive 2 points per unused pass added to your 6 weeks average.


  •  When you are absent, you are still responsible for the materials you missed AND it is your responsibility to advise the teacher.
  • You should copy any notes you missed from a friend and gather any handouts from the files along my book shelf at the back of the class.
  • You will have two days from the day you return to make-up any assignments for full credit.



  • Late work
    • You will be deducted 10 points for each day an assignment is late.
  • Computation of grades

o       Test and quizzes = 40%

o       Classwork = 40%

               o         Homework = 20%



Students are expected to bring a folder, a composition book (provided by teacher), paper, and a pencil to class each day.

The folder can be left in the classroom everyday except the night before any type of assessment.  On the other hand, the student will need to take her/his composition on a daily basis.  IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO BRING THIS COMPOSITION BOOK TO CLASS DAILY!!!

Welcome Letter for 2014 - 2015  

Welcome back to another school year at Leal Middle School. I am Mr. Martinez and I will be your child’s 8th grade Math teacher. I will be hard at work this year ensuring your son/daughter receives all the necessary information in preparation for high school and the needed information to be successful on their STAAR test. It is very important that your son/daughter does his/her part by being an active participant in the classroom and completing assignments on time. If we work together, I am positive we will have a great year.

Your child will have homework on a weekly basis so please help me in insuring that he /she keep up with their assignments. Homework will be assigned on Monday and due by Friday of the same week; and on occasions, incomplete classwork will be taken for homework and due the following day. While I understand math can be a difficult subject, I know that your child can be successful with the right amount of practice. Please know that I am available every morning and after school for any student who needs tutoring, has questions or needs help on any particular problems. By working together, I am certain this will be a very successful year for everyone especially your child.


I urge you to get registered onto txConnect through the website. This will allow you to stay current with your child’s grades and any missing/failing grades. My intentions are to input all assignments onto my webpage to keep you informed about your child’s math class. I will be keeping all important dates labeled on the calendar feature and will also try to upload many of the assignments in case a child happens to lose, forget, or is absent for a homework assignment.  You may access my webpage at


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to leave me a message at 989-6434 or you may e-mail me at Again, my goal is to get your child ready for their future in high school and the STAAR exam. I believe together we will be able to accomplish this goal!  It's all about the numbers!!!

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