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Rules and Expectations

Classroom Rules

n      Be prompt and prepared. Students are tardy if they are not in the classroom when the bell rings. Bring your required supplies to class every day.

n      Respect the teacher and each other. Do not talk when the teacher is talking or teaching. Be courteous to fellow students when they are sharing an idea or asking a question.

n      Always use kind words. Absolutely no profanity is allowed.

n      Raise your hand to be heard. If you have a question or an answer, please raise your hand to be called on.

n      Have a positive attitude and do your best!


Homework Policy

Homework is due on the due date. Late assignments will have a 10 point deduction per day past the due date. Students who are absent are responsible for obtaining the homework assignment when they return.



Classwork: 35%

Tests: 20%

Homework: 15%

Quizzes: 10%

Projects: 10%

Participation: 10%


Cell phones, other school policies

Cell phones must be turned off and put away during instructional hours. If a cell phone rings or is visible during school hours, they are confiscated and a $15 fee will be assessed. All students are expected to follow district-set rules. For more information on these policies, please see the handbook online at www.harlandale.net under the “Students” tab.


Consequences for Behavior

1st offense: Verbal warning, name on board

2nd offense: Call home and student conference with teacher

3rd offense: Conference with parents, writing assignment about the behavior

4th offense: Referral to vice principal’s office

 *Consequences are at the discretion of the teacher and are subject to change.

Positive behavior will be rewarded with verbal praise, notes homes, calls home and preferred activities.

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